The Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office Auxiliary Program was started in 1981 and consists of an all-volunteer group of sworn deputies who have successfully completed mandatory background investigations. Among other notes of excellence, the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office Auxiliary Program was named Volunteer Hampton Roads' 1999 Volunteer Agency of the Year. Auxiliary deputies are required to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours each month. Combined, our auxiliaries donate 10,000 hours each year, assisting the full-time staff at the Correctional Center and serving numerous civic organizations.

Applications for the position of auxiliary deputy can be obtained at the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office Human Resources Office located at:

2501 James Madison Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

An auxiliary deputy is required to make a six-month commitment to the office. The application process takes several months. Although there's no guarantee of a paid position upon completion of an auxiliary post, we attempt to make the transition to a paid position as easy as possible. It's an opportunity to continue a law enforcement career and training. It's also an excellent chance for those who will be taking their first step into the law enforcement field.

Auxiliary deputies wear the same uniform and have the same qualifications and authority as a full-time deputy sheriff. One advantage of being an auxiliary deputy is the greater range of job assignments.

The Auxiliary Program Coordinator, Sgt. Frank Davis, is available at 757-385-6541 or .