Sheriff Deputies Standing in Front of Building

Like other law enforcement organizations throughout the country, including the Virginia Beach Police Department, the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office began implementing body-worn cameras in April 2023. Body-worn cameras are another tool for us to gather evidence, provide information about deputy interactions with inmates and the public, improve transparency and accountability, and strengthen our relationship with the community.

At the request of Sheriff Ken Stolle, the Virginia Beach City Council in March 2023 authorized initial funding for 220 cameras for the VBSO and money for an additional 280 cameras in the FY 23/24 budget, which went into effect on July 1, 2023. That is enough for each of our 400 sworn deputy sheriffs. As a result, we completed the full deployment of our body-worn cameras by the end of July 2023. This included training each of our deputy sheriffs.

Three Cameras That Are Worn on Body

Prior to implementation of our body-worn camera program, the VBSO adopted a policy governing the cameras’ use, with input from the public. That policy is consistent with Virginia law, VBPD policy and best practices. The goal of the program is to improve safety and accountability for both the public and our deputies as we execute our public safety mission both inside and outside the Virginia Beach Correctional Center.

Members of the public with questions about the VBSO’s body-worn camera program may contact our Professional Standards Office at .