The mailing address for inmates incarcerated in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center is:

  • Inmate Name and OMS #
  • Virginia Beach Correctional Facility
  • P.O. Box 6098
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Inmate OMS numbers are available through our inmate lookup system at .

  • All incoming and outgoing inmate mail is subject to inspection and may be opened and searched prior to delivery to the inmate. All legal mail will be opened and inspected in the presence of the inmate.
  • Mail with the incorrect address, missing inmate information and/or packages from unauthorized book sellers will be refused and returned to the sender.
  • Photographs printed from a computer will need to be no larger than 4” x 6”. Full-page computer printouts will no longer be accepted and will be seized as oversized photographs, regardless of the number of photographs on the paper. It is the responsibility of the sender to ensure the photographs are the correct size. We will not cut the photographs down to size.
  • Only photo prints sent directly from a printer vendor, such as Walgreens or Shutterfly, will be accepted and must be no larger than 4" x 6".
  • All inmate correspondence can be a print-out from a computer document or written in pencil or blue or black ink on plain paper (no card stock).


  • Must have a soft cover and come directly from the publisher or a well-known book store.
  • Used books are not authorized.
  • Magazines and newspapers must be from a subscription.
  • Each inmate is allowed to receive a maximum of five books per day. It is the inmate's responsibility to fill out an Inmate Request Form to mail out excess books. Otherwise, all excess books will be treated as contraband. They will not be authorized to swap out books.

Authorized book publishers and sellers (not all-inclusive):

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Better World Books
  • Books-A-Million

The Virginia Beach Correctional Center’s Inmate Library offers free books from the Library Cart throughout the facility.

Mail Contraband

The following items are considered CONTRABAND and are not permitted in the facility:

  • Photographs that are deemed inappropriate
  • Tobacco products and/or paraphernalia
  • Cash, check or monetary items of value
  • Gang-related material (photographs, letters, books - fact and fiction)
  • Sexually explicit material (photographs, letters, books – fact and fiction)
  • Tattoo-related material or tattoo paraphernalia
  • Material depicting or describing procedures for brewing alcohol or manufacturing drugs
  • Material written in code
  • Any correspondence with threats, extortion, obscenity or gratuitous (uncalled for) profanity
  • Information about the fabrication of weapons and/or explosives
  • Information about electrical, plumbing, computer technology/coding and/or information detrimental to the safety and security of the facility
  • Forwarded business and/or personal mail
  • Anything that advocates violence, civil disturbance, overthrowing and/or rebellion against any government authority
  • Any information about planning, attempted or completed escape plots and/or criminal activity
  • Correspondence on colored paper
  • Gift items (including gift cards, bus passes, prepaid phone cards, food, etc.)
  • Office supplies, such as blank stationary, blank paper, blank/stamped/postage paid envelopes, stamps and writing instruments
  • Hazardous materials or biohazards
  • Ordering forms or advertisements, including forms stating “Bill me later” - the only exception is for Prison Legal News
  • Unauthorized correspondence, such as mail between inmates, and any publication that violates U.S. Postal Service regulations
  • Any envelopes, letters, etc. containing the following (handmade and/or purchased from store): tape, glue, staples, paperclips, correction fluid, stickers, glitter and any other forms of attachment, lotion, cologne and/or perfume, liquids, lipstick, and/or unknown substances, and drawings or correspondence written in marker, Sharpie, crayon, highlighter, and/or glitter pens

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