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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Sheriff Rocky Holcomb, the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office Reentry Program and Adult Correctional Services will hold a job fair for inmates on Wednesday, April 24, from 9 a.m. to noon in the indoor Recreation Yard at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center, 2501 James Madison Blvd. The event will provide information and contacts to assist them with returning to the community post-release and becoming active, productive members of the community.

Inmates who are being released within 90 days of April 24 are eligible to attend the job fair. Approximately 14 vendors will be at the fair with resource information and/or employment opportunities, including Goodwill, Virginia Beach Public Works and Traffix Commuter Options. This is the second job fair in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center in the past year.

Under the leadership of Holcomb, the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office is offering a “Road to Hope” for the inmates at the Virginia Beach jail, through various initiatives and programs including the Weekender Program, Electronic Home Monitoring, Workforce and Trusty opportunities, the Life-Empowering Program, the Offender Support Unit, educational opportunities, substance abuse treatment, mental health services and self-esteem-building initiative, such as “The Sounds of BDO (Breaking da Odds)” music program.

“We are providing resources and job opportunities to help inmates returning to our communities become strong, productive, law-abiding members of Virginia Beach, or wherever they choose to live.” Holcomb said. “Rehabilitation is an essential component of our criminal justice system, and programs like these are critical to help offenders change their lives for the better. We know from experience that inmates need a plan before they are released from jail, and programs like these facilitate making a plan and building important connections and relationships from the inside out.”

The media is invited to this event. Media contact: VBSO Public Information Officer Toni Guagenti at or 757-385-8446.